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What? What?

Theme Camp Party at the Werepad, 2002

Each of these pix is compliments of Camera Girl
And so the party started...

DJ Dervla

Girl Power

Blacklight Art

Underwater Blacklight
Peeps at the par-tay

Beaqon and friends

Lucinda Lounge draws them in.

Love and Lite

Party hotties
Aqua the Sea Camel was there...

A vision in blue.

From the back we see...

Lighting our way.

Decadence on wheels.
We filled the Werepad with fun...

Do you believe in a God?

San Fran Annie


More Werepad

How it started.

An artist at work.

How it ended.

Inside view.
Peg Art of Another Kind

A peg's eye view.

A sea of pegs.


Peg stalagmites.
Ziggy, the camp robot

Party bot.

Hot to trot.


All images copyright to the respective photographers.

LiteBrite is a Burning Man Theme Camp dedicated to peg art, high-tech partying and worship of all things LiteBrite. Come and play with our giant Lite Brite on the Playa and throughout the Bay Area...
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